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Massachusetts’ South Coast is comprised of Bristol, Plymouth, and Barnstable Counties, formed from the separation of the Old Plymouth County in 1685. These areas are comfortably situated directly on the Atlantic Ocean on two sides and to the north by the Boston metropolitan area. Part of the historic seat of our nation, southeastern Massachusetts is rich in the independent spirit that helped make our nation great. It boasts historic architecture, which is largely intact throughout the region, with much of it dating back to our country’s formative years. Its strong traditions and rural character are still commonplace. Large swaths of land remain undeveloped, much still used for agricultural purposes, especially for growing and harvesting the cranberry for which the area is well known.

Coupled with its people’s New England charm is an expansive and beautiful coastline, which make the region a popular summer resort area for vacationers from around the globe. Beautiful, serene winter landscapes and the variegated vistas of autumn and spring ensure southeastern Massachusetts is exceptionally attractive and inspiring all the year through. Famous lighthouses, historic shipyards and museums, and abundant nature preserves for the nature enthusiast can easily be found throughout the region, alongside the modern amenities and entertainment others may enjoy. The region’s diverse offerings ensure there is something for everyone, as its eclectic population and culture attests.

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